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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Vidic is 'ready to kill'

Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic has stirred controversy ahead of Wednesday's Champions League Final by declaring that he is ready to maim and kill a number of Barcelona players in order to lift the trophy.

The climax of Europe's premier club competition in Rome is a mouth-watering prospect with pundits and bookmakers alike split over the expected outcome.

But Serbian defender Vidic, noted for his ruthless approach to the game, believes his ruthless attitude could make the difference.

"Occasions don't come any bigger than this and I think I speak for all my teammates when I say that I am ready to kill for this Cup," Vidic told shocked reporters.

"That's not just a phrase - I will slaughter men in cold blood for the silverware. Barcelona are a great side with so many quality players, but how will they adapt to seeing their teammates' guts strewn around the park? I'm going to turn Iniesta into a blancmange."

Sir Alex Ferguson moved to calm the media backlash by describing Vidic as "a little overexcited" as the 27-year-old was led away by security yelling that he would "put Lionel Messi in the ground."


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