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Sunday, 9 August 2009

In cold light of day, Norwich fan regrets throwing season ticket during first game

A Norwich City fan who angrily hurled his season ticket at Bryan Gunn during yesterday's 7-1 humiliation against Colchester United has today admitted he may have overreacted to the Canaries' opening day demolition and hopes the ticket 'may be in lost property.'

Having been relegated from the Championship last term, Norwich started the season amongst the favourites for the League One title but the East Anglian outfit were undoubtedly second best against Colchester.

The indignity of trailing 4-0 after just 22 minutes was too much for livid fan Matthew Carroll, who invaded the pitch and threw £400 worth of season ticket at hapless manager Gunn - a move he concedes may have been folly.

"I won't lie to you, I was really angry," a sheepish Carroll revealed in a statement this morning. "But I can see that perhaps I didn't think things through.

"What I didn't really consider is that ticket would have enabled me to watch another 22 matches of football and I really like football. I was thinking of going down the ground and seeing whether the ticket was still there or if maybe someone handed it in to lost property..."

Carroll wasn't the only disgruntled supporter at Carrow Road, a steady stream of fans exited the stands from the 19th minute when Clive Platt put the visitors 3-0 ahead. Many had already left after the first two goals and a few fatalistic souls headed for the car park after the teams were announced.

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  1. We at Middlesbrough had a guy do the same thing to McClaren during a 4-0 home defeat to Villa. He got the ultimate punishment...they gave him it back!