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Friday, 4 September 2009

Le Tissier's darkest confession: I was fed answer on Countdown

Enigmatic former Southampton star Matt Le Tissier continues to spew forth truths from every orifice and revelations that he took part in spread betting during his football career have been overshadowed by the shocking confession that he was provided with an answer on Countdown.

In his highly-rated autobiography, 'Taking Le Tiss', which was labelled 'the debut of one of the most original and seriously funny narrative voices in recent times,' by Sean O'Hagan of the Observer, Le Tissier admitted to betting on the time of the first throw-in during Southampton's 2-0 win over Wimbledon in April 1995.

While the nation seems willing to forgive the inconsistent playmaker for his betting shame, the latest bombshell that Le Tissier didn't in fact solve the numbers game on Countdown at the start of July may prove harder to swallow.

"I just wanted to be accepted by the academic community," Le Tissier explained, looking much like a scarecrow as ever.

"I wanted my book (Taking Le Tiss) to be treated like a new release from the likes of Jonathan Franzen or Phillip Roth, so I got them to tell me the answer."

Le Tissier's scheduled appearance on BBC's The Culture Show to promote his book 'Taking Le Tiss' may now be pulled.

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