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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Barcode causes Bolton kit catastrophe

Bolton Wanderers are rueing the decision to include a barcode on the front of their 2009-10 home shirt as the new kit is causing chaos in the city's shopping centres. 

The dour northerners were relieved to discard last season's much-maligned 'waistcoat' kit, but Reebok have produced another horror show.

Aside from the ugly grey/blue blotches on the sleeves and collar, the new shirt, which is sponsored by traditional local company 188Bet, strangely has its barcode emblazoned on it.

Captain Kevin Davies didn't seem enamoured with his No 14 shirt and insisted on wearing a jumper over the top of it while modelling for the publicity posters.

But the club have a greater headache to deal with as the new shirt has been setting off shop alarms and interfering with supermarket scanners.

"It was only when I got home from Tesco and looked on my receipt that I noticed 'Bolton Home S/S £34.99' on it four times," Trotters fan Colin Heaton told The Bolton News. "I thought £141.12 was a lot for a pint of milk and a snickers." 

It has already been a shaky pre-season kit-wise with Newcastle United inexplicably bringing yellow and orange together for their away kit and Tottenham promising an investigation into child-like scribbles on their goalkeeper shirt.

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