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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hartson regrets hot coals pledge

Former Wales captain John Hartson is regretting his declaration that he would ‘walk over hot coals’ to get the Swansea City job after the Championship side called his bluff.

Hartson retired from football in January 2008 and is desperate to launch a coaching career with hometown team Swansea his ideal destination.

However, it seems that Hartson’s claim he would ‘walk on hot coals for the job’ has left him in a sticky situation.

“John has said that he’ll walk on hot coals, so we’ve got some in and we’ll see what he can do,” Swans chairman Huw Jenkins told the South Wales Echo.

“We’ve got a lot of excellent applicants for the job, but obviously this would help John’s cause enormously.”

Reports suggest that Hartson has been in touch with the Moscow State Circus over the last few days and is ready to follow through on his rash promise, but he expressed severe doubts this afternoon.

“I don’t know why I had to go and say that bit about hot coals,” the egg-headed former hitman lamented.

“In truth, I’m not sure about it at all. What I should have said is that I would really like the Swansea job, not that bit about the coals.”

The unheralded John Hughes is the favourite to get the Liberty Stadium post after vowing to wire his genitals up to a car battery if he is selected.

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