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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

No Tickets Sold Yet For England v Andorra

With a week to go before Andorra's visit to Wembley for a World Cup 2010 Qualifying clash, the FA have admitted that they are yet to sell a single ticket for the game.

A spokesman confirmed: 'By now we would normally hope to be around 60 or 70,000, but as of yet, we've not managed to shift any at all.' The spokesman added: 'You don't know anyone who likes football, do you?'

England's near-certain qualification, the cannon-fodder opposition, and the timing of the game at the end of a long season all make it one of Wembley's least attractive features in recent years, as even the FA's own publicity for the game admits: hoardings displayed during Saturday's FA Cup final read 'ENGLAND v ANDORRA: IT WON'T BE A CLASSIC'.

The luckwarm anticipation of the game has also not been helped by the respective managers' previews in the press this week. Andorra head coach David Rodrigo told reporters that 'although in international football you always try to be positive, we are a rubbish team and don't have any chance at all'. England boss Fabio Capello confirmed: 'We will win the match by probably three goals'.

The FA spokesman said they were still hopeful of a late surge of interest in the game, pointing out that 'this is the only chance England fans will have this year to see the likes of Juan Carlos Toscano Beltran and Victor Rodriguez Soria in the flesh'. The tickets, which normally sell for £40 and upwards, have gone on ebay for five pounds each, but officials are still waiting for an opening bid. Wembley bigwigs have also invited a long list of VIPs, including former England players and managers, but say that nobody has confirmed attendance yet. 'Graham (Taylor) looked interested when we mentioned it, but apparently he might be looking round a house'.

Insiders suggest that if there are still no takers by Monday, the match may be scrapped or combined with November's Coldplay gig.


  1. I've never seen England play so maybe I should go to this. Nice, stress-free day out, innit?

  2. Haha, this may have taken over as my favourite entry on this blog, very funny. Been to see England at the new Wembley about 4 times, even their match against against Estonia last year (thankfully we won 3-0 ;D ), i must be mental, i really should have waited and payed a fiver on ebay :P